Client/Server Overview for End Users and Other Mortals


This one-day seminar presents a comprehensive overview of client/server technology, using metaphors and images that transcend culture and mindset.

Communication is a key aspect of client/server computing. Computers communicate better. People communicate more. The whole organization communicates as never before. And enhanced communication is truly a wonderful thing—as long as everyone understands what everyone else is saying.

Unfortunately, the arcane jargon and thought processes of techno-jocks can render even the simplest client/server concepts and rationale unfathomable to non-technoids. And though it's often debated whether the communicative shortcomings of techno-jocks are genetically or environmentally inspired, the arguments are irrelevant. The sad fact is the alien condition is irreversible, and if communication is to occur, it's the humans who are going to have to take control of the process. The question is: How do you define a language for concepts you don't understand? The answer is obvious: You attend this seminar.

Forge an interface of intuitive understanding.

Client/server is a logical process—well within the capacity of ordinary mortals to understand. This seminar provides the intuitive understanding of client/server that breaks down barriers to communication and lets non-technoids take an active role in creating and maintaining the computing system that best meets the needs of their organization. By attending this seminar, students will gain:

Who will benefit?

This seminar is intended for end users, managers, and non-techno-jocks who need the prerequisite knowledge and understanding of client/server for effective communication.

Ensure a smooth and effective transition to client/server. Call 1.800.756.9450 to schedule this seminar or request information about other Socrates Group seminars. If none of our standard courses fits your special needs, we'll gladly create one that does.

Course Outline:

The Business Roots of Client/Server

See how evolving business needs powered the development of client/server technology, and understand why and how business infrastructure must change to support effective client/server systems.

The Technical Roots of Client/Server

See how the enabling technology for client/server has evolved and proliferated.

Client/Server Defined

Contrast various popular definitions with what client/server really means. Understand how client/server works and see how it compares to other computing models. Get cogent explanations of:
  1. The various forms of cooperative computational processing
  2. The relationships between various computer processes
  3. How computer processes communicate with each other
  4. How the enabling technologies for client/server interact
  5. How distributed applications function and how this differs from simple resource sharing
  6. Client/server applications and communications
  7. Simplifying the view of the system: logical connectivity
  8. Two-tier vs multi-tier client/server

Five Easy Pieces: The Components of Two-tier Client/Server Applications

We discuss the five physical components that comprise the two-tier client/server application:
  1. Fast, cheap processors
  2. Graphical User Interface
  3. LANs and WANs
  4. Relational Databases
  5. Visual Development Tools

The Challenge of Building Large Distributed Solutions

See why large-scale systems introduce new problems and how these problems are currently being solved. Understand:
  1. Middleware glue and where it must be used
  2. The creation and management of distributed processes

Where do we go from here?

We look into the crystal ball for a vision of the future of enterprise computing.


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