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Examples of Our Educational Material

Socrates mini-courses

Do you know how client/server computing came about? It was the convergence of Five Easy Pieces!

The Services ModelTM

In our courses we show how to use the Services Model to evaluate the impact of client/server projects on existing infrastructure and to maintain the integrity of projects throughout the development process.

The Cost of Not Training

It's tempting to believe that a capable development team doesn't need classroom training; that on-the-job learning—though it may take longer—is more cost-effective. Our own experience indicates otherwise, and we've come up with some formulas that are generally applicable to all projects that involve technology with which the development team is unfamiliar. We've applied these formulas in our Cost of Not Training interactive form. (Note: this page uses JavaScript and frames, a capable browser is required.)

Project Risk Assessment Profile

There are risks associated with every client/server project, but the potential for disaster can be greatly reduced with awareness and understanding. We created the Project Profile worksheet to help you evaluate projects in terms of risk and complexity, and to highlight problem areas that need early attention.

We'll soon have the Project Profile available in interactive form, so you can answer the 121 questions on-line and get immediate evaluation. But in response to popular demand, we've made the worksheet available now, both as an HTML document for on-line viewing and printing from your browser, and as a Microsoft Word 7 document (link removed) complete with embedded fonts that you can view and print using either Word 7 or the Microsoft Word Viewer (link removed) available from Microsoft.

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