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Our History, Philosophy and People

The Socrates Group, Inc. is a loose-knit collection of highly qualified inter-disciplinary professionals who work with MIS organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada, helping them chart a path through the turbulent waters of emerging technology. We provide technical and human skills training, plus project consulting.


Bob Jones, founder, president, and seminar leader for The Socrates Group, is well qualified to guide organizations through a smooth transition as they adopt new and more efficient computer technologies. A veteran of over 29 years in the computer field—over 20 years of client/server and distributed computing experience—he has developed software for a variety of platforms from micro to mainframe, in various languages, for a diverse cross-section of business and industry. Mr. Jones led the development of an advanced CASE project support environment for Ford Aerospace and, as Director of Technology Services at Microsoft Corporation, helped create the highly successful Microsoft Consulting Services Division. Since founding The Socrates Group, Mr. Jones has focused on helping organizations realize the operational benefits promised by evolving computer technology.

Not a typical consulting firm, The Socrates Group adheres to a philosophy of empowerment, not dependence. The measure of our success is the enhanced understanding and self-reliance of our clients.

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