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What's new as of November 28, 2000

The Socrates Group is acquired by etelos.com

The Socrates Group, Inc. announces its acquisition by etelos.com. The services of Bob Jones will be retained.

Etelos.com is an internet-based training company servicing large organizations. Their mission is to provide the most comprehensive and effective personal development programs available. Etelos.com delivers training in a format that encourages daily use, and reinforces instruction with ongoing, personalized, web-based support. We believe the etelos.com support system will add value to the Socrates Group seminars and courses.

The Services ModelTM

The Services Model isn't new—Bob Jones designed it years ago to help evaluate the impact of client/server projects on our client organizations' existing infrastructure, and for maintaining the integrity of projects throughout the development process. We use the Services Model extensively in our seminars, and it has proven effective as an educational as well as a development tool. What is new is that we've published an overview for your perusal.

The Cost of Not Training

What's the cost of not training the people involved in a client/server implementation? We've got an interactive page that answers that question. Whether or not you agree with the precise figures our program produces, there's no arguing with the general logic, and the Cost of Not Training page will give you new insights into the effectiveness of classroom training programs. (Note: this page uses JavaScript and frames, a capable browser is required.)

Other Attractions

We've added a few choice Words of Wisdom to help put you in a mellower and more mirthful state of mind. If you haven't yet done so, view Five Easy Pieces, the first of our on-line mini-courses. Our Risk Assessment Profile is invaluable for anyone involved in planning a client/server project; it can be accessed from our Examples page. Please let us know what you think.

Coming Attractions:

Project Risk Assessment— Is your project in trouble? This interactive tool will help you determine where you are at risk quickly and easily.
Anything you suggest that we like and is possible.

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